IIW 2006B: Be There

Next week is the Internet Identity Workshop 2006B. I first went to an IIW in October 2005 as a result of some diplomatic coercion from Dr Nadalin. It’s been an amazing series of workshops. A small, almost-militantly-informal gathering of people that talk about abstract notions of “identity”, and how to make them real. I have heard them ridiculed as “grass roots” gatherings and indicative of the “bottom up” movements in Internet identity systems. That’s the best kind. I do believe these workshops have changed the direction of identity systems and how we will interact over the Internet.

Lots of very cool people will be there collaborating on lots of very cool projects and initiatives.

I will be attending and hope to help demo how an identity provided by an LDAP directory via Higgins (IdP and STS) can work through a Microsoft infocard client to access an open source MediaWiki — with authorization provided by a Bandit component. Multiple open source projects working together — surrounding Microsoft. Good stuff.

I hope it works.

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