Information card login, finally here and now.

I haven’t updated this blog for a while. It hasn’t been due to lack of interest or lack of activity. Actually, quite the opposite. A huge amount has been happening and I have a number of experiences I’d like to relay to illustrate the progress that has been made by Bandit, Higgins, the Pamela Project, and other aspects of the Open Source Identity System community…

But first….

I needed to move this domain and my blog to a new hosting site, move registrars, get a certificate, rent a static IP address, and on and on. What a pain. I wanted to make the move for various reasons; one of which was to have more control so that I can finally start using the cool new emerging identity systems. And I’m a little stubborn about how I manage my own stuff, so I have been futzing around with it between conferences and customer trips for the past few months. I appreciate the patience of my Internet tech supporters as they put up with my questions and peculiar spurts of interest. Now the site is moved, and seems to be operational. I have tried to keep it as much the same as possible, so you won’t notice many changes yet, but it represents a whole new set of possibilities for me.

For now, please notice that the login page now accepts an information card or an OpenID.

The OpenID plugin seems to be operational. There were a few hiccups in installation, but overall it went well.

The PamelaWare wordpress plugin is a development snapshot, but I am very happy with it. The installation was smooth and configuration was straightforward. The nice validation checks on the options page made the whole process much easier, and enabled me to quickly work out a few glitches in my installation.

I wish the certificate management and domain transfer had been that easy.

The co-existance of the OpenID and the PamelaWare WordPress plugins is experimental. Oddly enough, even though they implement different identity protocols, they seem to get along just fine — philosophically and practically. Please let me know (via a comment or my i-name) if you notice any bugs or if you have any suggestions.

Enabling this blog for Internet identity is just a first step. More to come.

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