What I Missed While at the RSA Conference

The RSA Conference this year was outstanding from the perspective of identity technology, Higgins, Bandit, OSIS, industry connections, etc. I was overly worried all week about getting enough interop testing done for OSIS and about my presentation on user-centric identity validation experiences. Yet I survived.

Meanwhile, the reason I sometimes show up for work is so that I can feed my offspring — and they continued to have their own adventures while I was gone. They seem to have lives and minds of their own. My second son distinguishes himself in my household as a Mac user. Weird. Like my daughter, he seems to have some social skills. He certainly doesn’t get them from me. He even likes sports. Lately, it’s been soccer.

So this is what I missed…



I have been to some games and have seen something of how the photographer works, so when I looked at the referenced photo site I realize that these photos are from some guy — probably a dad of one of the players — taking photos and then using a service to sell them to sucker parents at outrageous prices.

Would I fall for such gouging?

DAMN RIGHT I WOULD. Getting out my credit card now.


UPDATE: Apparently the photo above sometimes is not available. That’s what I get for linking directly to their site. If you really want to see it, or even order an absurdly expensive copy, you can see the storefront here.