New Gig, New Rig, New digs

path at coyote point

About 18 months ago, Julie and I left family and friends and our long-time residence in Utah and move to California. It’s been a wild ride. We’re enjoying it now, but initially it was quite a shock. Here are some of the changes:

Old: Utah New: Norcal
gig 23 total years at Novell, last project: Novell Cloud Security Services (identity services) 1.5 years at VMware Cloud Foundry (identity services)
rig 4wd SUV sporty hybrid hatchback
digs big new house on a golf course in the foothills quaint rambler built in 1922 — 1/2 the space for 3x the cost
OS Linux, Windows, NetWare initially Mac OSX with Linux in a VM, but I rebelled back to Linux, where the user experience and package management are more consistent
code C/C++, C#, Java Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Java, some Go and Scala
VCS Subversion, Continuus all git, all the time
release cycle once a year or two twice a week
team culture circle the wagons and defend turf from intruders (and management) aggressive and competitive internally and externally, very open to alliances with other groups
hallway banter child raising techniques, church activities, the impending doom of the company programming languages, startups, new tech, cycling, public transportation, wineries, kids, live music venues, vacation destinations, weekend festivals, sailing
politics Republican (Utah, duh) Democrat (bay area, duh)
climate very cold in winter, very hot in the summer mild all the time with some spectacular days, but mostly feels somewhat cold
yard intruders deer, mice raccoons (up to 6 at a time), rats
picnic supplies must be planned: wine purchased at rare state stores with limited hours, food must be purchased somewhere else a quick stop to any grocery store or corner mart and you’re set

Overall, change can be a very good thing. And We’re enjoying the adventures and cycling a lot. Now back to work.

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